Sunday, August 30, 2009

Restaurant City Cheat = 4000 Exp Points per Dish

Follow Steps:
1. You need first to gain exp by cleaning a dish
2. On your Cheat Engine, tick hex, 8byes, asrom (also scan read only memory) and scan (you can just copy this to your CE) "FFFFFFB8D02A0FF2"
3. 1 address found. Right Click on it and click Disassemble.
4. At the bottom of this address "cvtsi2sd xmm2,xmm0", you'll see "mov eax,FFFFFFFF" and change this to "mov eax, 00004e20". PS: change 4e20 to 4000. (this will serve as the exp that you can recieve) try exploring and change it to other value to gain exp faster.
5. At this moment you'll gain 4k exp per dish.

,Enjoy Cheating :))