Saturday, September 19, 2009

Country Story Cheat | | Exp and Coin Cheat

  • FireFox
  • Cheat Engine 5.5
  1. Open you Country Story and then water any of your crop.
  2. In your cheat engine add firefox as your process first then tick Hex, 8 Bytes as your value type and tick also scan read-only memory.
  3. On the generator below, you'll see two address: "000000808F8BC103" & "4589F05589EC558B"
  4. Scan those 2 address on your cheat engine. Then get the result address and paste it to your Generator below.
  5. After you fill up those blanks (the text box in the generator), Hit Enter. Then results will roll down. Copy it and paste it down to your cheat engine.
  6. Then "Don't Expect too much XD" will appear. Tick that box!
  7. Back to your Country Story, water your crops again then you'll gain now exp and coin.

Country Story Generator by Bjai66
If the Generator did not appear, you can view it - here

Demo Video: by InfiniteHax

Credits to InfiniteHax and Bjai66

,Enjoy Ü