Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dota Allstars' "-random bug"

  1. "-ah"
  2. "-ap"

  1. When the game starts type "-ap" of course.
  2. Now type "-random" and dont hit enter yet until the time drops to "1 minute and 47 seconds". As soon as the time reaches 1 min. & 47 secs. hit enter immediately!
  3. And type "-ah" when the time drops at "1 minute and 42 seconds". If your not the game host, then you should tell the host to type -ah when it reaches 1 min. & 42 secs.
  4. Ang you will get Axe.
PS: if you type "-random int" = necrolyte. "-random agi" = void
and apply the said steps above.